20 April 2021, Tuesday, 7:04
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Opinion: Only Strike Can Solve Our Crisis Peacefully

Opinion: Only Strike Can Solve Our Crisis Peacefully

Together we are the force!

- If the factories stop working, small, medium and large businesses will also stop, so the regime will not last long and will collapse. This will be our cherished and long-awaited victory over the rotten dictator, - a reader of Basta writes.

There is also some unpleasant news. If we do not support the strike or delay it, we will give the regime time to complete what it has started, namely, introducing a total control over the citizens and turning our country into a Gulag and a second North Korea!

The usurper will not stop his genocide and terrorizing of civilians. He will dig his blue paws into every home.

Going on strike is not scary. It's a week or two, a month at most, of pinching yourself in your habitual life.

It's scary to come to a second North Korea, which we will have if we don't stop funding the regime.

A lot of people are afraid to strike, but imagine for a second that Raman Bandarenka, Aliaksandr Taraikouski, Hennadz Shutau, Aliaksandr Vikhor, Kanstantsin Shyshmakou, Mikita Kryutsou, Aliaksandr Budnitski and others brutally murdered by the Lukashists will come out with us. These people died in agony. And their relatives will never live like they did before.

And we are afraid to stay at home for the sake of our future?

Believe me, two weeks at most of a nationwide strike will be enough to drive these fascists out. How long are we going to feed them?

Don't think it doesn't concern you, it concerns everyone!

Let's stop the terror and genocide of the Belarusian people!

Together we are the force!