15 June 2021, Tuesday, 16:26
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

‘The Closer Collapse Of System, The Crazier Its Laws’

‘The Closer Collapse Of System, The Crazier Its Laws’

Cicero was right.

The situation is becoming more absurd. Lately, every sentence has been a song. And even the sentence for a song.

The musicians in the underground passage sang “Bring Down Prison Walls” - and got behind bars for an administrative arrest. The court did not hesitate to send them to jail for ... “picketing by singing”. You all understand this perfectly well!

In general, when you start collecting examples of the absurdity of recent months, your hair stands on end. Sentences for curtains with national patterns, for clouds with hearts on the windows, for round dances ... It seems that people who administer justice and ensure law and order have ceased to be afraid to appear as stupid and ridiculous.

I’m even wondering where was that line after which you suddenly became not ashamed? After all, there must be a line that a person cannot afford to cross. Not even for moral and ethical reasons (there have been no illusions for a long time), but simply because of self-esteem and respect for oneself.

When the residents of “Cascade” hung out huge white and red underpants to replace the white-red-white flag, torn off for probably the hundredth time, did they think that people in uniform would not be ashamed or shy to take off these underpants?

Or that the security forces will detain clowns and plush dolls at rallies? How did the judge feel when the case about expressing protest with marshmallows was brought to her, and she did not hesitate to impose a fine on the 75-year-old pensioner?

You thought they couldn't? But they did it. At first, it was probably a little humiliating (at least, I would like to think so), and then it went like clockwork.

Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised at the current insanity. What we see today is exactly revenge for their humiliation. Revenge for these red and white underpants.

And now the task is to punish everyone who made them idiots and witnessed this failure. That is, just everyone.

So get sentences for songs. No list of forbidden songs yet? Do not worry, they will mend their ways soon. They will also prescribe in the law so that it is clear what to sing and what not to sing, if you still want to do it at all. We have already been there with extremist symbols.

However, as Cicero used to say: “The closer the collapse of the empire, the crazier its laws.” And Cicero, it seems, was not a stupid fellow.

Sviatlana Miatsiolkina, Solidarity