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Lukashenka Is Chief Supporter Of Hitler In Belarus

Lukashenka Is Chief Supporter Of Hitler In Belarus

Will the Interior Ministry arrest the Belarusian usurper?

Ministry of Interior proposes to equate the slogan "Long Live Belarus," which has become a symbol of protests against Lukashenka's regime, to Nazi symbols, reports Deutsche Welle.

The corresponding draft was submitted to the Committee of State Security, reported the Belarusian Union of Journalists on Monday, June 21.

Meanwhile, the slogan "Long Live Belarus!" is found in the poem of the national poet of Belarus, Yanka Kupala, at the beginning of the XX century and was used in the songs of Vitsebsk partisans.

In addition, the slogan was on the front page of Narodnaya Gazeta, an organ of the Belarusian parliament - the National Assembly - until December 2020.

In late May, the Interior Ministry came up with an initiative to equate the white-red-white flag with the Nazi symbols. According to the pro-governmental Belarusian Union of Journalists, the flag is also mentioned in the list received by the KGB.

However, everyone knows that earlier the Belarusian dictator praised Adolf Hitler in an interview to the German newspaper of Handelsblatt.

"The history of Germany is to some extent a copy of the history of Belarus at certain stages. At one time Germany was raised from the ruins, thanks to a very tough power of the famous Adolf Hitler ... Not all bad things in Germany were associated with the famous Adolf Hitler. The German order had been formed for centuries, under Hitler this formation reached its highest point. This is something that corresponds to our understanding of the presidential republic and the role of the president ... Hitler formed a strong Germany thanks to a strong presidential authority ... Germany has risen thanks to a strong power, thanks to that the entire nation was able to consolidate and unite around a strong leader ... The head of state - the president, his authority, his leading role comes first at this stage ... German history teaches us this," said Lukashenka in 1995.

Will the Interior Ministry arrest the Belarusian usurper who openly declared that he is a fan of the Nazis and Hitler?