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Valery Sakhashchyk Recorded Appeal To Belarusian Military

Valery Sakhashchyk Recorded Appeal To Belarusian Military

Lieutenant Colonel of the Airborne Forces of the reserve urged not to carry out illegal orders.

The commander of the Brest Air Assault Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel of the Airborne Forces of the reserve Valery Sakhashchyk addressed the Belarusian military.

“The leadership of the Russian Federation is trying to drag Belarus into this war,” Mr Sakhashchik said. “What will happen to us if they succeed? In this matter, I can act as an expert, as I have spent a lot of time in Ukraine since the end of February.

Ukrainians are thoroughly prepared for an attack from the Republic of Belarus. Are residents of Belarus ready to receive their sons in black body bags?

The Armed Forces of Ukraine no longer have any deterrents preventing the use of the full power of the most modern destructive weapons against any objects used by the aggressors on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

During the first few days, the Mazyr Oil Refinery and the entire critical infrastructure of the frontier zone will be destroyed. A large number of people may die and be injured.

The number of our volunteers in Ukraine will grow significantly. Their fellow Belarusians, who are much better trained, equipped and motivated, will meet the military of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarus will become a pariah in the world and share with Russia the shame of defeat and the obligation to pay reparations.

All wars end. Lies of propaganda and arrangements of facts will not work anymore. Who will you become in this future? Will you prefer to be highly respected members of society or criminals brought before the International Criminal Tribunal?

People in the military-political leadership of Belarus, the future of our country depends on you more than ever. Ukraine has never retaliated in response to missiles and drones launched from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, although it has long had the combat potential for such strikes. The first killed and wounded Belarusians will quarrel our peoples for decades.

I urge you to realize the seriousness of what is happening and the terrible possible consequences. Each of us, albeit to a different level, can influence the future of Belarus,” says Valery Sakhashchik.

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