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Russian 'Nuclear Train' Moving Towards Ukraine

Russian 'Nuclear Train' Moving Towards Ukraine

International experts commented on the photos that appeared on the internet.

There was information that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent the so-called "nuclear train" to the front line. It is likely that the head of the Kremlin plans to test nuclear weapons near the Ukrainian border.

The Times writes about the Kremlin's intentions to test weapons of mass destruction.

It is reported that the Russian Federation is allegedly preparing to use nuclear weapons in the Black Sea, and that NATO has allegedly already warned its members about this.

The Kremlin is signaling readiness for a significant escalation as Russia loses ground on the battlefield. There are concerns about Putin's previous hints that he might resort to such tactics.

On October 3, one of the pro-Russian Telegram channels Rybar posted footage of the so-called "nuclear train of the Russian Federation" on the internet.

Polish analyst Konrad Muzyka decided to comment upon this on his Twitter page. In the video, a BMP-97 convoy and other military equipment can be seen moving towards the border with Ukraine through central Russia.

The media report that all this equipment belongs to the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian army, according to Polish military analyst Konrad Muzyka.

According to him, it is this department that is responsible for the central storage of nuclear weapons. Such trains have always been responsible for the transport and storage of nuclear weapons.

It is possible that nuclear weapons are already moving to the front in Ukraine, or that with this gesture Putin is once again trying to intimidate the West into refusing military assistance to Kyiv.

According to Muzyka, the appearance of a "nuclear train" in the photo does not mean that Putin is ready to launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine. The analyst is sure that this is another blackmail by the Kremlin, or that the weapon is going to one of the test sites.

On the eve of the web, two news articles from different sources regarding nuclear weapons appeared at once.

Thus, the Italian edition of La Repubblica claimed that the Belgorod submarine, carrying the Poseidon nuclear torpedo, went out into the open sea from its place of deployment.

And The Time journalists argue that Putin could launch a nuclear strike on the Black Sea, thereby forcing Kyiv to the negotiating table.

The NSDC Information Counteraction Center commented on the publication of The Times, warning that Russia will continue to increase nuclear blackmail:

"Therefore, there is a high probability of various kinds of provocations from the Russian Federation."

"Even at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, the Russian Federation brought nuclear forces into a state of special alert. Russia's demonstrative demonstration of its readiness to launch a nuclear strike on the territory of Ukraine at any moment is another stage of information terrorism staged by the Russian Federation in order to persuade Ukraine to negotiate on the Kremlin's terms."

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