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'They Were Taking People Out In Corpse Bags In Packs'

'They Were Taking People Out In Corpse Bags In Packs'

Here's how Belarus has "defeated" the covid.

The Belarus of the Brain telegram channel asked readers how their families had survived the pandemic. Belarusians respond to Lukashenka, who claims victory over COVID-19.

Here are just three stories, each showing the full tragedy and horror of what happened in Belarus.

"Here is my story:

1. Spring 2020: a lot of all sorts of volunteer activities at work: buying materials, sewing protection for medics, transferring money, buying masks for hospitals, and a bunch of other stuff.

2. August 2021: The covid has come to me as well. High temperature, my whole body was like in a meat grinder... I went to the clinic and asked for a CT scan - you should have seen this young doctor (I felt pity and shame for him at the same time) - he was looking for something on the computer, mumbling, then looking again and all this was just to say no to the CT scan. Sent me off just for an x-ray...ended up just lying at home and praying my body could cope...it didn't let me down, except that I still have problems with smells and tastes :-)".

"I work in the intensive care unit. In the period of the waves they were taking out people in body bags in packs, up to 12 people per shift alone, and according to pseudo-statistics there were 10 fatalities IN THE COUNTRY, nonsense. The whole department was taking sedatives/antidepressants. They couldn't handle the whole situation, most of them quit after the last wave."

"My mother's roommate died of covid. The cause of death is different. My mother contracted covid in hospital with a broken leg. A day on life support, then she died. Cause of death was heart failure. That's how we defeated covid…».

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