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"Black Swan" With Covid Spikes: How Lukashenka Is Infecting Everyone With Omicron

"Black Swan" With Covid Spikes: How Lukashenka Is Infecting Everyone With Omicron

Belarusians need to save their children.

Belarusian polyclinics are simply flooded with an influx of omicron patients. There are reports on problems with ambulance calls in Minsk. Health professionals believe the new wave of COVID-19 may cause a collapse of the Belarusian health care system.

Charter97.org gathered readers' opinions on the outbreak of omicron in Belarus.

"This covid has been defeated in several countries with smart people at the helm. The situation in the world with this disease is difficult, while in Belarus it is exacerbated by unprofessional actions of the leadership and neglectful attitude towards the Belarusian people.

"Belarusians today need to save their children from the idiot Lukashenka, who wants to infect everyone."

"Meanwhile, Lukashenka is doing his best to make healthcare workers travel to other countries for high salaries."

"When the state passes unenforceable laws, three things happen. The first is a tacit agreement between the regulatory bodies and the citizens ("you do not comply, we do not notice"). The second is a loss of respect for the state by its citizens (how can you respect the inadequate?). And the third is the random application of unenforceable requirements by the regulatory authorities for personal purposes (the ordinary corruption)."

"No one expected the "black swan" to arrive so early. And with covid spikes."

"Belarusian schools are a disaster in general, but nobody cares about it for some reason. Starting from parents and ending with the Ministry of Education - all prefer to keep silent, and the intermediate stage - teachers and school administrations; they are generally ready to commit all grave crimes against our entire future population. Would you say that some parents are worried about anything? So why haven't they gone out on strike en masse against human rights violations? Everyone is silent and ill."

"Alas, the only hope is that most of the population has already been sick. Those who have survived have T-cells in their blood that can "see" omicron and reproduce antibodies, and the pathogen affects the nasopharynx relatively easily but does not kill the lungs. The bad news is that children are under attack and that is the most dangerous thing about this wave of pandemics. It has already become clear, even to the thorough yabatkas, there is no hope for an effective medicine for the citizens in countries like Lukashenka's Belarus. It turns out that freedom doesn't always guarantee a good life, but lack of freedom doesn't guarantee even life itself".

"If one destroys medicine, then any virus becomes fatal. Where are the village first-aid stations? They existed, didn't they? The number of hospital beds was almost halved during Lukashenka's presidency (help yourself with the Internet). Our health care, as the famous collective farmer claims, maybe the best in the world. But only if you are healthy.

"It seems medical professionals start to find excuses akin to utility workers - we were prepared for winter, but it snowed all of a sudden. There is such a measure - lockdown. Or is it better to use a tractor and vodka?"

"According to the results of the year 2021, I have the feeling that only the covid managed to be productive, to develop and not to stop at what has been achieved in Belarus under the leadership of the current collective farm manager. This guy, claiming that he is ill, is prying into everything without a mask. How disgusting it is."

"Luka has aggravated the epidemic in the country by creating a festering pyramid; the festering vertical of servants is the backbone of it. If this fester is not removed, it will take many more lives. In addition to the pandemic, he wants to play war with other people's lives."

"Understand, the 'winners' and adherents of the mosaic psychopath get sick and die just as much as the 'defeated,' and probably even more often. After all, they ignore the mask regime, the self-isolation, and are treated with vodka, tractor, hockey and parade, press conferences, meetings, and ceremonies dedicated to the Mosaic. But the funniest thing is that it's all for a pinch of snuff.

The Ministry of Health is falsifying diagnoses and reports of covid and covid-related deaths for the benefit of the illegitimate. Officials are fighting the mask regime by tearing down signs with information about anti-epidemiological measures in public transport and public places. The KGB and the gangsters from the GUBOPiK protect all this crap, all this looking-glass, all this animal farm, and rip up their shirts and dig up the ground with their hooves.

"That is, the bureaucrats have officially confirmed that the country has collapsed and the "state" with its SSF and Ministry of Health is simply incompetent. They say, go on unpaid sick leave, and the employer can compensate for sick leave at his expense if he wants to. So may we not pay taxes? And why, when there is no health care or sick leave!"

"I don't have money for a paid test. The child had a fever. I called the doctor. The doctor said the test would only be done if the classmate had confirmed covid. That's why we have the best statistics."

"More money is spent on the health of one cunning man than on the entire nation of Belarus."

"Fascists have seized power. Planned annihilation of the people is underway. Covid is just helping them. We can see how many of our acquaintances are dying. Many people are sick and not being able to get to a hospital. We see the care and treatment in our hospitals (this does not include the medical commission). This is what schizophrenic in charge have given us since 1994."

"Look at what is going on in polyclinics. When asked why two infectious disease rooms work, the answer is that there is no one to work with, as soon as they finish their medical studies, they all leave. People themselves are to blame, nobody wears masks until they feel it on themselves. But sometimes it is too late. Wish everyone good health".

"Today: "We may not test anyone; we'll all get sick anyway." Tomorrow: "We won't clean the streets in winter. It'll melt in spring anyway." What will happen at the end? That's the whole 'program for the next five years, or will there be anything else?"

"According to fake statistics, there is a decrease in the incidence of covid, and it just doesn't do the tests! Yabatki, you're not going to pass them either you fall ill too. How long are you going to glorify this crazy murderer and scumbag maniac?"

"After the sneaky TV speech the next day, a bunch of immortals showed up on buses without masks. Luka said: 'masks off' and the coronavirus conquered."

"There has long been no point in watching, much less analyzing, statistics from Luka. Take as a basis the figures of adequate neighbors, adjusted for the worse, and just take care of yourself."

"Everyone should take care of oneself first. And observe elementary measures. Mask, hand treatment, social distance. No one thinks and won't think about us. Only us."

"All these Karaniks and the like are the current Dr Mengele. But that Nazi monster killed people out of conviction, and these "Hippocratic Oath-takers" kill Belarusians because of their cowardice, fear for their portfolios, positions, salaries and privileges. These medical officials take a pile of banknotes in their wallets higher than the lives of hundreds and thousands (or even a million!) of people".

"I can't get it out of my head. Wouldn't it be easier for people to lose a couple of days' pay at work and listen to their bosses and say, "What can I do if there are 200 people in line and I cannot make it to the doctor" rather than stand for hours in the wind and in an infectious crowd to get this sick leave? I wish it'd burn in hell. Are all these people so cowardly? How much this slave psychology is ingrained in their blood. A good boss will understand what is going on in the country and give a couple of days to recover without sick leave. But it's high time for you to quit then".

"Well, they'll give you absenteeism. So what? Will the world collapse? But the omicron won't give you absenteeism. You'll just spend the rest of your life (if you survive) handling the consequences. And what's more important to you - your health or the satisfied look on your boss's face?" write Charter97.org readers.

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