26 November 2022, Saturday, 15:18
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‘Putin’s Nomenklatura Is Going Insane Over Huge Losses’

‘Putin’s Nomenklatura Is Going Insane Over Huge Losses’

Are Wagner PMC mercenaries trying to recruit Belarusians?

The Basta! Telegram channel published a letter from a subscriber:

“Russia is failing at the front. Ukrainian defenders valiantly and boldly fight for their native land. Putin's nomenklatura is going insane over huge losses, and they need new cannon fodder. This time the eyes of the Russians fell on Belarus.

The bald-headed dictator surrendered our country to Russia. FSB officers feel free and comfortable on the Belarusian streets, drive around with a z-swastika, drink themselves unconscious and run amok. And now they want to finally enslave Belarusians, and destroy us as a nation.

The Wagner PMC is already appearing on the thresholds of the Belarusian security companies with, so far, proposals to fight for Putin's ambitions. They say they have even organized a training camp near Minsk. I guess this is just the beginning.

Well, what are we, Belarusians, going to do? Will we tolerate it again, keep silent, and creep before the insolent occupiers? Or maybe we'll do our best to save Belarus, save our future, before it's too late.”