4 October 2022, Tuesday, 3:37
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Social Contract Terminated In Russia

Social Contract Terminated In Russia
Leonid Nevzlin

The leaders still pretend that they can do something, but the masses no longer want to.

The state did not interfere much in the affairs of the people, threw handouts before elections, blessed stability poured from the TV, the citizens did not rebel much, multiplied, received maternity capital and did not interfere in the affairs of the state and even voted for Putin and United Russia political party in the elections.

All this splendour rested on the fear of change. Let eternal Putin be better than changes. After all, changes are scary: fear of war, poverty, devastation, death. However, suddenly it turned out that war, poverty, devastation and death are just attached to the eternal Putin. And, most importantly, there is no happy end. Many people's standard of living fell during the Restructuring in Russia, but people got freedom and hope that the future will still be better. Now Russians have no freedom and no hope that there will be a future at all. Only poverty and devastation are ahead.

But it is obvious that those who are drowning do not need changes and hope for the best, they still have nothing to lose. The more radical, the faster the catastrophe will be stopped. This Titanic has already hit an iceberg, but the hole can still be repaired, and the iceberg has a specific name. Everyone already understands that the situation exists in one mode - as long as there is Putin. Putin is the Russia of aggression, Volodin's, Simonyan's, Kovalchuk's, Sechin's and Solovyov's Russia.

The mobilization has affected the interests of the main people, the Putin's power has concluded an agreement with these people. This means that the masses can no longer be passive, after all, they are loaded onto buses and taken to be slaughtered, while the elites and their families continue to go to restaurants, develop budgets, and convince them that patriotism is fashionable. The formula is changing: the leaders still pretend that they can do something, but the masses no longer want to.

Leonid Nevzlin, Telegram