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Partisan Movement Developing In Dagestan

Partisan Movement Developing In Dagestan

They will hunt for the supporters of "mobilisation".

After mass protests by residents of Dagestan against the so-called "partial mobilisation" and sending men to war in Ukraine, this multinational Russian region has started talking about organizing a guerrilla movement and thwarting the Kremlin's plans.

This was reported by the Morning Dagestan Telegram channel.

"Today the whole of Russia and the whole of Dagestan saw how they should not let their sons go to war!

Today all the villages and all the towns of Dagestan have learned this lesson, and from tomorrow we will start hunting down anyone who helps mobilization!

Your property and your health will no longer be safe.

We declare the partisan movement in Dagestan open.

And tomorrow you will see our plan! Today is the beginning of your imminent end in sha Allah!", the statement reads.

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