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Polish Entrepreneurs Speak Out Against Blockade Of Border With Ukraine

Polish Entrepreneurs Speak Out Against Blockade Of Border With Ukraine

Ukraine is fighting not only for itself.

The International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine expressed its protest in connection with the border blockade and the continuation of the action of a group of Polish carriers on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The text of the statement of Polish entrepreneurs is published by Charter97.org:

— As entrepreneurs doing business on both sides of the border, we give a realistic assessment of the scale of the protests in comparison with the scale of losses of Polish companies as a result of:

— decrease in trade turnover,

— fines under the terms of contracts — for the inability to deliver goods to our customers on time,

— refusal to participate in the auction due to lack of goods,

— refusal of investments, their freezing or cancellation,

— loss of image and loss of status as reliable business partners and guaranteed suppliers.

A reduction in trade turnover means a sharp reduction in taxes paid, which should not happen in the current crisis situation for the Polish and Ukrainian states.

Ukraine is at war. This is a desperate struggle alone for the existence of a nation. We, as entrepreneurs, support many humanitarian projects in Ukraine, communicate with people, hire, collaborate and understand the importance of this struggle and the entire historical context, while remembering our own difficult path to an independent and democratic Poland, including a free market economy.

The partnership with Ukraine and keeping the front away from our borders is strategic for the Polish state.

Polish and Ukrainian government authorities must immediately take all possible measures to unblock cargo flows between Ukraine and Poland.

The website Charter97.org recalls that Polish carriers began strikes on the border with Ukraine on November 6. They blocked three checkpoints for the passage of freight transport: Korczowa - Krakowiec, Hrebenne - Rava-Russka, and Dorohusk - Jagodzin. On November 22, the blockade of the Jagodzin - Dorohusk checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Polish border was extended until February 1, 2024.

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