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‘Lukashenka Should Be Beaten And Not Allowed To Cry’

‘Lukashenka Should Be Beaten And Not Allowed To Cry’

A soldier of the Kalinouski Regiment told what he would do with the dictator.

A fighter of the Kalinovsky Regiment, Alexey “Dan” Kovalchuk, who went through Bucha and Bakhmut, among other things, said in the new issue of “Life-Raspberry”, he could shoot Lukashenko.

Aliaksei Kavalchuk admits that the liquidation of the dictator would make things easier for everyone:

“He's funny sometimes. <…> But in reality he is such a cunning and very tough old one. It is impossible to oppress ten million people for almost thirty years without being not just cruel, but a very ruthless and very harsh person. People like Lukashenka should be “beaten and not allowed to cry”, a saying from the times of my childhood.

I wouldn't say I want him dead. I already said that killing people is bad. But, unfortunately, there is such a job and someone has to do it. If someone did this work, it would be better and easier for everyone.”

When asked what he would do if he were offered such a job, Kavalchuk replied:

“I have never fought with unarmed people in my life. This happens naturally during combat. I would not want to eliminate a person without a weapon who does not specifically pose any threat to me.

It’s one thing to be a military man, and another to be a punisher. I couldn't be a punisher. But if he was hiding in a trench with the Kalash [the Kalashnikov rifle - Ed.], I would start shooting with pleasure. If I knew that Lukashenka was sitting in this trench, I would rush like crazy to this trench.”

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