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Buses Don’t Go, Shovels Handed Out To People: Consequences Of Bad Weather In Minsk

Buses Don’t Go, Shovels Handed Out To People: Consequences Of Bad Weather In Minsk

In the capital, the wind rose early in the morning and it began to snow.

Blizzards have been keeping company for Belarusians for almost a week. The first big snowstorm occurred on Thursday, November 23. Then its consequences were eliminated throughout the country.

Today in Minsk the wind rose from the very morning and it began to snow. The consequences of severe weather conditions were not long in coming, notes tochka.by.

Public transport

In general, traffic is organized, but in some areas things are not so rosy. Minsktrans reports that trolleybuses ##7,38,77 on Panchanka Street have been stopped. Also, buses ##17,42,50с,121,140 could not travel in the direction of Sukharauskaya Street.

The problem areas were the Panchanka, Mazurau, Skrypnikau, Adzintsou, and Yakubouski Streets.

Traffic along the routes was restored at 09:28.

At the present moment, the movement of trolleybus #38 in Sukharauskaya Street is stopped. The trolleybus takes a detour along the Labanok and Sharanhovich Streets.

Territory cleaning

Minsk yards employ 131 pieces of equipment, including 22 small ones, and 1.8 thousand workers. More than 21.7 tons of sand and salt mixture were poured onto the roads.

Also, the housing and communal services of Minsk organized the distribution of equipment for cleaning the territory. Motorists were urged to clear the roadway of snow for at least one meter around their car.

Weather Plan

Minsk traffic police recommends pedestrians cross the road carefully and wear reflective elements due to low visibility.

Drivers should drive very carefully — choose speed, keep a distance and not make unnecessary maneuvers.

However, the department believes that it is better not to use personal cars at all, but to switch to public transport.

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