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Names Of Those Who Call For Trading Political Prisoners

Names Of Those Who Call For Trading Political Prisoners

These people are afraid of publicity.

A "coordination council" close to Tsikhanouskaya calls on the West to negotiate with Lukashenka's regime. An associate of Belarusian opposition leader Mikalai Statkevich, deputy chairman of the "Narodnaya Hramada," veteran of the Afghan war, reserve officer Yauhen Vilski gave the names of those who call to trade political prisoners:

- Again the topic of negotiations with the regime and trade in political prisoners.

Debate in "CC".

However, there are specific people who are pushing this topic. More often than not, they don't want publicity.

But why?

If it is a principled position, a person must be ready to be responsible for it. You can't be a public person and hide your beliefs.

I am against negotiating with the regime, except the release of all political prisoners and the transfer of power.

The people who have a different opinion and are standing up for it.

They are::

1. Volha Harbunova

2. Tatsiana Khomich

3. Ivan Krautsou

4. Sviatlana Matskevich

5. Aliaksandr Apeikin

6. Anton Radniankou.

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