23 March 2023, Thursday, 7:42
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AFU Forced Russian Infantry To Carry Out ‘Goodwill Gesture’

AFU Forced Russian Infantry To Carry Out ‘Goodwill Gesture’

The ‘Fist’ of the Russian Federation crumbled in the Luhansk Region.

The occupying troops of Russia lost the initiative on the battlefield and failed. They dispersed in the Luhansk Region. The enemy regularly suffers losses under the fire pressure of the Defence Forces of Ukraine having accumulated resources, but without starting active offensive operations.

Although the Russian Federation concentrated a “serious assault fist” in the region, which was just impossible not to use.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political observer of the Information Resistance Group, pointed it out in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the troops of the aggressor country concentrated near Kreminna the resources of the units of the 331st and 217th Airborne Regiments of the 98th Airborne Division, 104th, 234th and 237th Airborne Assault Regiments, the 217th and 331st Airborne Regiments and the reserve troops of the 31st Airborne Brigade.

At the same time, he notes that the occupiers have a critical shortage of military equipment at their Luhansk base, especially an acute deficit of tanks, exceeding 50-60%. In addition, they lack armoured combat vehicles. They lack about 40% of them. And also there is no sufficient supply of ammunition for artillery systems.

“The Russian occupiers regularly suffer losses under the fire pressure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This has led to the current situation. They did not launch active offensive operations, even having accumulated resources. In particular, units of the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade near Kuzemivka lost their combat effectiveness, without even going on a full-fledged offensive. Parts of the 26th Tank Regiment of the 47th Division of the 1st Tank Army suffered serious losses near Volodymirivka, and the infantry component was forced to carry out a “goodwill gesture” in a number of positions. It was impossible for them to hold the positions due to lack of support," the expert explained.

Based on this, he assessed the threat of an enemy offensive in the Kupyansk direction. According to him, the left bank of the Oskil River is becoming more and more inaccessible to the occupiers and they are not capable of more than a local assault now.

“The breakthrough of the Russians in the Dvorichne axis, along the R-79 highway, also stalled. They began throwing intensively the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade with the BARS [combat army reserve troops - Ed.] troops into the meat grinder in live waves having the left bank of the Oskol River barrier. It rapidly resulted in losing potential and now they are suffocating from losses. In fact, the entire Kreminna-Svatove-Troitske line, or, as I simply call it, the R-66 line, has been weakened. It was weakened by many months of military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this zone and the inability of the occupying forces to take the initiative and intensify hostilities,” Mr Kovalenko explained.

He recalled his analysis which he made a month ago: the offensive of Russian troops in the Luhansk Region stalled before it even started, even taking into account the significant resource on the Svatove-Kreminna line, which has not yet been exhausted.

“As of mid-March, the picture is such that we can confirm that the Russian occupation forces are as combat-ready as a drowned man” the expert summed up.