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Military Checkpoints Set Up At Exit From Hrodna

Military Checkpoints Set Up At Exit From Hrodna

Cars are being searched.

On March 19, military men with machine guns stood at the exit from Hrodna and checked every car, a MOST reader said. Probably, the checks were related to the shooting in the city and the "liquidation of the terrorist."

On March 19, explosions and shots thundered in Hrodna. Eyewitnesses reported that they were heard on Kurchatau and Urubleuski streets.

Later, the propaganda stated that a foreigner was liquidated during his detention in Hrodna.

"On March 19, 2023, a foreign citizen L. was liquidated on Kurchatau Street in Hrodna. The specified person, using automatic weapons and detonating live grenades, showed armed resistance to the fighters of the KGB special forces group "A," BelTA reported.

Later, there were reports that the police, demining services with dogs, arrived at the office of the chairman of the Hrodna regional executive committee Uladzimir Karanik. From this, one can judge about the "mining" of the official's house.

At the same time, at the exit from Hrodna, the military with machine guns began to check all the cars.

"The weather was good yesterday and many people left the city for barbecues. My family and I also decided to spend time outside the city and returned in the afternoon. We were surprised when there were three checkpoints at the entrance to Hrodna from Sapotskina. There was one near the Augustow Canal and two on the very exits from the city. There were soldiers with machine guns and binoculars that stopped all cars. They checked the documents. We did not understand why such an inspection took place. And when we arrived home, we found out about the situation in the city with some "foreign agent," a reader from Hrodna told MOST.

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