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Russian Propaganda Presages Overthrow For Lukashenka

Russian Propaganda Presages Overthrow For Lukashenka

The future of the Belarusian dictator looks grim.

Russian propaganda is talking more and more about the inevitable overthrow of Lukashenka. Charter97.org looked at what Russian media wrote about possible scenarios for the end of the Belarusian regime.

The Russian propaganda website Svobodnaya Pressa (Free Press) draws scenarios for the future of the Lukashenka regime. The resource names the liberation campaign by the Belarusian patriots with the support of volunteers from NATO among the possible risks for the usurper.

The publication writes about the threat of the "Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian nationalists and Belarusian patriots".

“The authorities in the Republic of Belarus are on their feet but in a swamp,” said one of the publication’s sources.

Also among the dangers for the regime is the Belarusian underground resistance.

“Many of them have a personal vendetta against the Lukashenka regime,” the Russian website summed up.

The Russian propaganda resource Sovershenno Sekretno (Top Secret) writes about Belarusian volunteers who are fighting on the side of Ukraine. The resource says the obvious - the Belarusian military is preparing to overthrow the Lukashenka regime.

“Lukashenka knows that Kyiv will not forget his assistance to Russia, as well as the allowance of the territory for attacks on Ukraine and the supply of ammunition to Russia,” Russian propagandists wrote.

"Western curators and Ukraine aim to overthrow the Lukashenka regime," Russian media writes.

The Russian propaganda resource quotes the words of a former employee of the Russian Embassy in Minsk:

“There are indeed many people dissatisfied with Lukashenka in Belarus: he took the country to the Customs Union, which put an end to cooperation with the EU. Many Belarusians, especially young ones, dream of getting into the EU. And there is a basis for protests there.”

Also, Moscow does not rule out the possibility of deployment of "saboteurs from Ukraine" to Belarus to "overthrow the current leadership". Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Galuzin said it in an interview with RTVI.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia stressed that in recent months, representatives of the Belarusian volunteers fighting in the rank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have significantly toughened their rhetoric. They openly say that in the future they plan to use their combat experience to forcibly overthrow the current Belarusian leadership.

“In this regard, the possible deployment of such sabotage groups to the republic cannot be ruled out,” he said.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia noted that the Belarusian law enforcement agencies and special services, with the support of the Russian-Belarusian regional group of forces, should fully take into account such risks and, if necessary, fight back as targeted provocations and a full-scale invasion of the enemy on the territory of Belarus.

“At the same time, the deployment of the Regional Group of Forces in Belarus is a powerful deterrent for the Ukrainian units by itself, which are forced to keep significant reserves in this direction, and not transfer them to the South-East. Thus, even without directly participating in the hostilities, additional military contingents located in the republic [Belarus - Ed.] Have a serious impact on the course of the "SMO" [special military operation - as Russia calls a full-scale large-scale invasion of Ukraine - Ed.]. ed., to contribute to the achievement of the tasks and goals,” said Galuzin.

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