9 June 2023, Friday, 7:45
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Boryslav Bereza: Preemptive Strike Will Nullify Lukashenka's Chances For ‘Radioactive Ashes’

Boryslav Bereza: Preemptive Strike Will Nullify Lukashenka's Chances For ‘Radioactive Ashes’
Boryslav Bereza

The dictator is trying to realize the dreams of Russian propagandists.

Lukashenka's statements show his hypocritical position, and the actions of the dictator may lead to the territories covered with nuclear ashes appearing in Belarus. Boryslav Bereza, a Ukrainian political figure and ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, stated this in a commentary to the website Charter97.org.

— Recently, Ukrainian intelligence reported that the Russians began to sell real estate and take their families out of the Crimea. What is it connected with?

— The Russians are well aware that Ukrainian troops will enter the Crimea and the peninsula will be returned. They are now trying to get rid of assets that, over time, may no longer be worth anything at all. Any transactions in the occupied territory are not recognized by anyone, neither Ukraine nor the world community. Accordingly, after the return of control over the Crimea, the rights to all real estate owned by Russians will be cancelled.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the Russians understand that it is impossible to end the war without the return of the Crimea. We see how a discussion has begun in Russian society that the peninsula will have to be returned. Although a year and a half ago, no one even thought about it. It also shows that the Russians have begun to look for a way out of the war, but only for themselves, and not for Ukraine or anyone else.

— What role does long-range weapons supplied to Ukraine play at this stage of hostilities?

— They bring the victory of Ukraine and the restoration of control over our territories closer. I think taking back control is only half the battle. It will also be necessary to take actions to return the Russians to their original territory. Too many of them have now settled in the Crimea, they do not want to leave. Some think that they will sit it out, some think that they will reach some agreements. In fact, all invaders should be deported from the territory of Ukraine, and the Crimea is the territory of Ukraine.

By the way, today Lukashenka called on all parties to “stop hostilities”.Great, I support such a call and suggest Lukashenka to start first. At the very least, he needs to remove all Russian troops from the territory of Belarus, to ban Russian military aircraft from taking off from Machulishchy. Also, Putin must immediately withdraw all his troops from the territory of Ukraine, including the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, as well as from the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. After that, Lukashenka's call will make some sense. Without the fact that Lukashenka himself will begin to withdraw Russian troops from the territory of Belarus, this is all just a shaking of the air and the hypocritical position of the Minsk Cockroach.

— Despite these calls, Lukashenka and Putin agreed on the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. What is the reason for this step?

— This is another rising of the rates to scare the West. But the West is no longer afraid of anything. If earlier the absence of nuclear weapons made Belarus a country that was not threatened by anything, today it is becoming a territory that can be hit, which will nullify the possibility of using these weapons.

After all, we understand that the Kremlin can provoke such actions. Accordingly, Belarus is now in a danger zone, and this danger was brought into the country by Lukashenka under Putin's control.

— If Lukashenka nevertheless allows a nuclear strike from the territory of Belarus, as he now allows the shelling of the territory of Ukraine from Belarusian airfields, then what consequences await him?

— As far as I know, a complete monitoring of the movement of all nuclear weapons and any actions with them is now underway. Therefore, when trying to use nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, a preventive strike will be delivered, which will nullify all these chances. Lukashenka makes real the possibility of the appearance of territories covered with nuclear ashes in Belarus, which Kiselev dreams of.