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Russia's Representative Renounces Putin In UN Court

Russia's Representative Renounces Putin In UN Court

Russia's ambassador-at-large spoke out about the Kremlin chief's "empty talk".

Yesterday the first hearing in the case of 'Ukraine Against Russia' with the participation of Russia's representative took place at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague. This week the question is being decided whether the court can in principle consider the case. Ukraine is proving Russia's abuse of the genocide convention to justify military aggression, citing statements by Putin, Lavrov and other officials as evidence. "MO" followed the broadcast of the hearing.

Russia's representative in court, Gennady Kuzmin urged the court not to consider Putin's statements at the time legally relevant, calling them "statements unrelated to international law and the genocide convention." "Russia has launched the 'SMO' under Article 51 of the UN Charter (self-defence), this has nothing to do with the genocide convention," Kuzmin explained. According to him, "statements are just statements."

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