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Forbes Names Weapons Used By AFU To Shoot Down 10 Russian Planes In 10 Days

Forbes Names Weapons Used By AFU To Shoot Down 10 Russian Planes In 10 Days

The Russian Defence Ministry has done a "disservice" to its aviation.

In 10 days, the Russian Air Force has lost 10 planes in Ukraine, and nothing is yet known about the number of pilots.

A total of 9 Su-34 and Su-35 fighters, as well as one A-50 were hit. This is a large number for such a period of time, especially since sanctions from the West are making themselves felt precisely in the aerospace industry.

In practice, the Russian Federation loses aircraft 20 times faster than it has time to replace them with new ones, Forbes magazine writes.

Yesterday, the AFU reported the 10th destroyed aircraft of the Russian Air Forces in the last 10 days.

It is still difficult for experts to say how Ukraine manages to achieve such fantastic performance in destroying enemy planes.

It is not excluded that Patriot systems, which are used by the AFU mobile groups on the front line, were brought in for this purpose.

At the same time, it is not excluded that the A-50 plane was shot down by a modernised S-200 missile, which was produced back in the Soviet times.

Most likely, the AFU moved NASAMS SAMs very close to the front line, especially since Z-public pages published footage of such a destroyed missile launcher in the Zaporizhzhia direction on Monday.

And since the U.S. is not yet supplying Ukraine with additional weapons, the stock of missiles for foreign MLRS and SAMs will soon run out.

It is also not excluded that the Russian Air Forces became brazen on the background of capturing Avdiivka and began to get closer and closer to the front line, where they become victims of MANPADS and other installations for destroying aviation.

As for the A-50, only 6 units, or 60 per cent, of the 9 combat-ready aircraft remain in service.

Experts are also sure that the AFU decided to use the remaining stocks of missiles for NASAMS and Patriot to exhaust the Russian Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry is trying to make more and more air sorties in order to drop as many smart bombs as possible on this or that town that the AFU is defending.

However, it should be noted that the Russian Federation is losing not only its aviation, but also its experienced pilots, who take far too much time and money to train.

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