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Lithuania Closes Two Border Crossings With Belarus Tomorrow

Lithuania Closes Two Border Crossings With Belarus Tomorrow

What about truckers?

As reported, the Lithuanian government decided from 00:00 on March 1 to close traffic through the border checkpoints on the border with Belarus — "Lavorishkes" ("Katlouka" from the Belarusian side) and "Raigardas" ("Pryvalka"). The customs authorities of Belarus gave explanations on how to act to international drivers who listed these checkpoints as a place of delivery.

"If these checkpoints were indicated as the places of delivery of goods in accordance with the customs transit procedure, they can be changed to other ones without completing such a procedure," noted at the customs.

To obtain permission to change the place of delivery, the carrier must submit an application in writing or electronically to the customs authority of destination to change such a place without completing the customs procedure of customs transit, together with documents confirming the need to change the place of delivery of goods (if any).

At the same time, it is not required to present to the customs authority the vehicle itself and the goods placed under the customs procedure of customs transit.

Recall that it will be possible to cross the border with Lithuania only through the checkpoint "Kamenny Log" ("Medininkai") and "Benyakoni" ("Šalčininkai") from tomorrow.

According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, this morning the largest queues of trucks at the borders are noted at these border crossings. In total, about a thousand trucks are expected to leave there.

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