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‘So Where Is The Money, Gentlemen?’

‘So Where Is The Money, Gentlemen?’

Minsk residents are outraged by what the housing and communal services are doing.

A reader from Minsk, Volha, wrote to the editors of the website Charter97.org:

“It took our Minsk almost 10 years to learn how to sort garbage. Social advertising, videos, and classroom hours are dedicated to the importance of waste sorting.

Multi-colored containers, special platforms for them. And it seems that people understood, learned how to sort the garbage, and began to follow the rules.

But here’s the thing: it turned out that people’s efforts and budgetary expenses all go down the drain. After all, housing and communal services still load all the garbage into one garbage truck. It’s a little expensive for them to send different garbage trucks on the route. But we obviously pay for these services as a separate waste removal. So where is the money, gentlemen?

I remembered an argument with a friend who mocked me, saying, Volya, you are doing stupid things. Take a closer look, your sorted garbage is thrown into one car. I refused to believe it. I tried to convince myself that garbage trucks are still different.

Now residents are assured that they sort the garbage at the plant (yeah, that’s where the benefit lies, hiring people to sort the garbage for two million people).

Today I even doubt whether there are those lines for recycling waste or whether a new heap of waste is growing again somewhere near Minsk…”

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