26 August 2019, Monday, 13:24
We are in the same boat

Political prisoner Syarhei Parsyukevich appealed against sentence


Businessman Sayrhei Parsyukevich has appealed to court against the judgement, according to which he had been found guilty of beating up a militiaman and sentenced to two and a half years of imprisonment.

In the interview to Radio Svaboda lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya named all cases for reversing of the judgement:

“Firstly, the court took into consideration only witnesses for the prosecution. They didn’t take into account bodily injury Parsyukevich had, they didn’t even attach his cloths in blood to the materials of case, his cloths weren’t estimated by the court. At last, the witnesses for the prosecution gave inconsistent evidence.”

Syarhei Parsyukevich has recently been transferred to an underground cell without windows. “He has problems with breathing, he lacks fresh air. He has regular asthmatic attack. We must demand that he should be taken to hospital,” Vera Stramkouskaya said.