15 October 2019, Tuesday, 23:02
We are in the same boat
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Ми, 15:02, 27.08

"Бывшие политзаключенные призывают Евросоюз не отменять санкции против белорусского режима"


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Виктор, 15:33, 27.08

Не забудьте про волковысских узников - Николая Автуховича и Юрия Леонова. Они также поражены в правах. Ну и текущие аресты опоозиции тоже демократии не добавляют.

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Лёша, 16:13, 27.08

Все эти мужики сейчас достаточно известные люди и они должны использовать эту известность, чтобы распостранять правду про делишки, которые творятся в нашей стране.

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joga, 19:26, 27.08

what means to lift sanctions ???

as long as there is oppression for political reasons in Belarus, all people should be deprived
from EU visa - which are working for militia, military, KGB, educational and adminsistration
bodies, juridicialy and all bodies of the government.

ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE THE DICTATORSHIP - it is not only A. Lukashenko alone

the trial of the 14 has shown, how closed people working for such bodies have been
working hand in hand to discriminate people.

as an EU citizen I want to know: why are such judges, militia men, KGB officers,
prosecutors etc. allowed to enter the EU ?? they are abusing their power and
they are doing this on their own choice.

EU must not support people - which represent a dictatorship.

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