20 January 2020, Monday, 9:28
The Wait Is Nearly Over

How to circumvent site blocking?


One should understand that Internet is on distributed principle, and there is always a possibility to circumvent of the website at the level of your provider.

It is enough to send and receive requests at another route. There are several ways to circumvent filters:

1. To use VPN. It is the most reliable and relatively easy way to protect your information and freedom of movement on the web. We recommend using this method if you need long and reliable access to Internet bypassing filters and interception systems of Belarusian secret services. The principle of action is simple – your computer creates a ciphered channel with a foreign server, and you access the web via this channel. You look like a dweller of the country where the remote access server is situated physically.

Unfortunately, it is a paid service. Access via VPN usually costs from 10 to 30 dollars a month. Servers can be found in a search engine. After a purchase you are given setting instructions and recommendations for its use.

2. To use Tor and its analogues. Tor – is a network of virtual tunnels which allow users and groups of people to improve their privacy and security on the web.

We offer you a variant of work with a popular FixeFox browser (an analogue of Internet Explorer).

If you do not have a browser FireFox installed, visit www.mozilla.ru, download and install FireFox.

- Visit http://www.torproject.org/index.html.ru, download and install TOR. An icon of onion should appear on the system tray.

- Start Firefox, go to https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/2275 via your browser, click “Install” and install it.

3. To use anonymizers. There are rather many websites which allow to circumvent blocking and access a website. For instance, this one.

4. Ro use proxy-servers. We won’t give addresses of proxy-servers here, they soon become outdated and filters can be put on them.

An example of setting up a proxy-server for Firefox:

- We choose “Tools -> Settings -> Network”

- Choose “Set parameters of Firefox connection with Internet”

- Choose “Proxy server manual setting”

Type the address of a proxy-server in the field “HTTP proxy”, for instance IN the field “Port” type proxy-server’s port. For instance, 8080

- Press “Ok” and save the settings. Try whether the proxy server works. If it does not work, try another one.

5. To install Opera Mini browser to your mobile phone. The browser receives and transfers information through a high-performance proxy-server of Opera company. You can download Opera Mini here http://www.opera.com/mini/ We remind that our website has a mobile version wap.charter97.org

Please, save this information to your computer! Show it to your friends, teach them to avoid blocking!