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WikiLeaks: Lukashenka's fortune estimated at 9 billion USD


WikiLeaks took the data on the Belarusian dictator fortune from the US embassy in Minsk report to the government of their country.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka's fortune is estimated at 9 billion USD stated a British newspaper “The Guardian” on the 17th of December quoting the WikiLeaks Internet-resource that published the US embassy in Minsk report to the government of their country dated June, 16, 2006.

In particular “The Guardian” published a summary of a cable classified by the then US ambassador in Belarus, George Krol.

The summary contains the fact that an employee of the embassy received the list of 50 richest people in Belarus with the estimation of net value of their assets. “Belarusian Head of State comfortably tops a list of the country's richest 50 oligarchs, declare the US diplomats”, states “The Guardian”. The publication declares that “Aliaksandr Lukashenka's friends occupy most positions in the unconfirmed list».

The USA embassy report also states that Internet-based search allowed the diplomats to find an earlier version of the list which is almost identical to the one which they have. At the same time the embassy employee couldn't verify the sources or accuracy of the information in the lists but estimated it as “very reliable”. "Those listed had the opportunity to enrich themselves, and evidence indicates that many did so," the cable says bluntly.

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