17 September 2019, Tuesday, 20:30
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Adamkus: Nuclear power plants in Belarus and Kaliningrad are political siege of Lithuania

The former president of Lithuania has attacked plans of Belarusian authorities to build a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear power plants planned to be built not far from the borders of Lithuania with Belarus and Kaliningrad region are a kind of a seige of Lithuania with political aims, stated the former president Valdas Adamkus. However, he believes that a nuclear power plant is an indispensable condition of energy independence of Lithuania, and it would be not only unwise, but even dangerous to stand apart among other countries, DELFI informs.

"We are encountering high politics here. Construction of such nuclear power plants is on the one hand, and on the other hand it is a kind of a seige of Lithuania with political aims," Adamkus said, answering a question of journalists about the plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Belarus and Kaliningrad region.

He attacked plans of Belarus to build a nuclear power plant near Lithuania. "Construction of a Belarusian NPP near the Lithuanian border can hardly be explained, as there are lots of territories around, where density of population is less. In some cases certain laws of security should be adhered to," Adamkus said.

The ex-presidnt said that he sees a purely political aspect in Belarus' plans, however he repeats that as 20 years ago, he believes that a nuclear power plant is the cleanest source of energy. Lithuania cannot do without a nuclear power plant, and almost the whole world is following the path of nuclear power.

"It would be not only unwise, but dangerous for us to stand apart. I say once again: there won't be a political security without security of energy supply. If we are wise, and want to create our state of free people and be independent, we should create conditions for independence from energy. Without energy we won't create our economy, our well-being," Adamkus said.

The Baltic nuclear power plant is to begin to work in Kaliningrad region in 2016. Another nuclear power plant is planned to be constructed by Belarus at a distance less than 20 kilometres from the Lithuanian border.