26 August 2019, Monday, 13:20
We are in the same boat

Viktor Tsoi’s 20-th death anniversary: in Misk could not go without police (Photo)


The commemoration of the death anniversary of a rock singer began with detentions and ended in a concert.

On August, 15 at 7 p.m. several hundreds of admirers of Viktor Tsoi’s creative work gathered at Viktor Tsoi’s Wall in Minsk. But the event could not go without the police. The police officers prohibited plying songs of Tsoi, and started to apprehend those who showed very loudly their burning indignation, ruhavik.com site reports.

However people where not going to leave, and then the police made a compromise: one of the organizers of the memory evening of Tsoi, Andrei Kim came to an agreement with the police about the concert at Viktor Tsoi’s Wall till 9 a.m.. After that the police officers and a special police squad did not interfere with the event.