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Natallya Radzina: Thank you all who were disturbed and concerned about me

Natallya Radzina: Thank you all who were disturbed and concerned about me

The disappearance of Natallya Radzina has given rise to numerous rumours and comments.

Natallya (Natasha) does not have a possibility to work as the editor of the website as usual, and she has to minimize her contacts with the world.

The editorial office of charter97.org has asked Natasha to answer a few questions on the phone.

- Natasha, how have you managed to flee from under the KGB “guardianship” and leave Belarus?

- I prefer not to go into detail, as it could harm the people who had helped me. I can only say that it was not a spontaneous decision; it had been caused by summons for the KGB interrogation. I feared not return home. I am thankful to all who has helped me to escape; it was a real heroic act on their part.

- Where are you now and when you will be ready to talk to journalists?

- Things are not easy so far, but the most important thing is that I can stop thinking about wiretapping, tikhari (special services’ men in plainclothes) and interrogations. These days haven’t been the easiest days in my life. After it all was over, I was sleeping for 24 hours, and only now I start to recover myself. Now I have to complete all of the formalities and receive documents. I hope that all these procedures would be finished soon, and I will be able to work again, to meet with my friends. I do not like to name the country still, I can only say it’s a refugee camp.

- Do you need any help?

- Thank you all who were concerned about me, distressed for me. First thing in he morning, I visited our website and read comments. It is a tremendous support! I want to complete all the necessary procedures and start my work again. I am convinced – together we shall win!

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