2 December 2021, Thursday, 10:26
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Is Natallya Radzina charged with organizing mass riots?

Is Natallya Radzina charged with organizing mass riots?

The slightly visible boundary between the BT (Belarusian TV) and the KGB has disappeared. Now TV informs about filing of accusation instead of an investigator or a lawyer.

Thus, Natallya Radzina, the editor-in-chief of charter97.org website has learnt about the charges “on organizing mass riots” which had been brought against her, from a new propaganda film of STV channel. The lawyer of the journalist does not know anything about the specified charges still.

The talking head on STV channel has said the following:

“Charges of organizing mass disturbances have already been filed against Sannikov, Uss and Statkevich. By the way, after familiarizing oneself with the materials of the case the latter did not express any doubts about validity of his culpability. The same charges have been filed against the editor of the oppositional website Natallya Radzina. Now she stays in Kobryn under a recognizance. By the way, the fact of her detention has caused most critical response from the West. And the news on the return of the well-known journalist dropped from the clouds on her little hometown...”

Up to now the journalist who had spent more than a month in the KGB jail, and now is “in exile” 300 kilometers from Minsk under recognizance, has been charged under two parts of the Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Belarus. A final accusation has not been presented against her yet. At least, officially. And a question suggests itself: is the STV distorting facts as usual, or have they blurted the news out?