21 January 2022, Friday, 5:26
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Warning for Natalia Radina

Warning for Natalia Radina

Today editor of charter97.org was taken to Kobrin Regional Interior Department right from her home.

The police arrived at the house where the journalist has been residing with the ban to leave the town after her liberation from the KGB Investigation isolation cell. The journalist was ordered to follow with them.

Natalia Radina was taken to the local interior affairs office where she was reminded of the rules implied by the ban to leave the town, and told that her comment on the statement of president candidate Ales Mikhalevich can be interpreted as “disclosure of investigation secrecy”. The journalist was recommended to abstain from such comments.

We remind that Natalia Radina has to live in Kobrin under the ban to leave the town. On Jaunary 28, she was released from the KGB Invesitgation isolation cell where she had spent more than a month. She is accused of organisation and participation in “mass disorders” and can face up to 15-year sentence.