17 February 2020, Monday, 9:13
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Barys Kit: Imprisonment seems to be Belarusians’ fate

Barys Kit: Imprisonment seems to be Belarusians’ fate

The world citizen, prominent Belarusian educator and scientist Barys Kit marks his 101st birthday on April 6.

Shortly before his birthday, he expressed his support to Belarusian political prisoners.

Barys Kit doesn’t plan any special solemn events on that day, just a gathering of family members and close friends in German Frankfurt am Main, where he lives, Radio Svaboda reports.

Barys Kit tries to lead an active lifestyle, though his health is weak already, as he says, “One cannot have strong health at my age. Everyone becomes weak at this age. This is natural. You know, I walk really little. My diseases are related to the age, but I hold on so far!”

In spite of everything, Barys Kit follows the events in Belarus and keeps in touch with his friends. He is deeply concerned about the situation in his Fatherland, the tide of repression launched by the authorities, about the fact that lots of people were thrown to prisons or had to emigrate hiding from persecution. “The events in Belarus are very sad. It reminds me the years when I was living in Poland and was in prisons. But I survived. I was imprisoned twice under Poles, and one under Germans, in the town of Hlubokae, in a death cell. It’s very sad and bad, but Belarusians seem to have such a fate – sitting in prisons. Belarus has always failed to find good times. It’s become easier and better in Ukraine and also Poland. They have moved forward and recovered. But Belarus still cannot…”

Barys Kit receives many greetings and congratulations on his 101st birthday, but he also extends greetings to his fellow citizens, especially those in prisons, “I wish them all the best in everything: in their life and struggle for our country! I wish them to endure these hard sufferings.”

Notice: Barys Kit is a former headmaster of gymnasiums in Vilnius and Navahrudak, a specialist in astronautics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Professor Emeritus of Maryland University (USA), a member of the International Astronautics Academy.