22 January 2020, Wednesday, 15:14
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Anonymous: BelTechExport sold binoculars and laser pointers to Syria


BelTechExport, a Belarusian arms exporting company, against which the EU imposed economic sanctions in June, delivered night vision binoculars and laser pointers to Syria for a total amount of 1,569,750 Euro.

Scans of corresponding documents and correspondence between BelTechExport and the Defense Ministry of Syria were published on the web by the Anonymous hacker group, which had hacked servers of Italian cyber police.

The contract between the sides is dated back to 2006.

Deliveries of 650 laser pointers for Kalashnikov rifle and night vision binoculars were carried out in 2008.

Final account settlement, 10% of the contract’s sum, was performed in 2011 upon the expiry of the guarantee period for the products delivered.

We remind that since middle 2011 mass riots are going on in Syria. They had been caused by analogous riots in other Middle East and North Africa countries. Participants of the mutiny demand resignation of Bashar al-Assad and carrying out political reforms. Syrian authorities harshly quell unsanctioned rallies, and among other things they use army units. Human rights organizations state that since the beginning of street riots about 1,600 persons were killed. The Syrian authorities state however that terrorist groups are implicated in riots, AFN reports.