19 January 2018, Friday, 14:20

In KGB prison they won’t pass medicine and letters to Andrei Gaidukou


The mother of the prisoner found out from the lawyer, who met him on 22 November, that he has already sent three letters home.

“Three letters, and no one reached us! We have also wrote and sent two letters and a postcard. Anrei received only the postcard. We did not write anything illicit, but for some reason they won’t give the letters to him. And they did not pass him all the medicines, said that a medical proof of their necessity was needed. Andrei has a sick heart, he even was not admitted to the army because of that illness. And I had the certificates but now I only have copies – we gave the originals to the lawyer, who prepared an appeal for changing the measure of restraint. However, copies are not enough for them in the KGB prison”, - Olga Gaidukova says.

She said that since the day of detention it is already the third lawyer who is working with Andrei Gaidukou, the human rights center Viasna reports.

“The lawyer says that it is very cold in the KGB prison, one can freeze even in the couple of hours that the questioning took. I am worried for Andrei not to get ill…”, - the mother of the prisoner says.

The relatives and friends do not believe that Andrei Gaidukou could really do what he is being accused of. The like0minded people are sure that the KGB’s accusation is a pressure related to Andrei’s civic activity. He was a participant of the silent protests, was going to register a public association the Union of Young Intellectuals, which was created by an activist from Navapolatsk Yaugen Kanstantsinau. Andrei Gaidukou was his deputy and repeatedly told that he was threatened with problems at work and studies.

Andrei Gaidukou was detained not for “putting the information of interest for foreign special services in a hiding place”, but when he carried a part of the circulation of the Charter’97 newspaper for dissemination in Vitebsk region.