19 January 2018, Friday, 6:33

Russia declares Belarusian oppositionists wanted  

(updated) A European Belarus’ activist ended up in a Russia’s federal wanted list after 19 December 2010.

Сharter97.org Maksim Sergiets’ name on the vroziske.net web-site, where there are federal lists of the wanted people. The stated reason for inclusion in the list is “hid from the agencies of the Ministry of Interior”. The measure of restraint is custody. The department that declared the person wanted is stated as the Minsk City Police Department and the Minsk Moscow district’s police department.

We would remind that Maksim Sergiets is an activist of the European Belarus civic campaign. During the presidential elections 2010 he participated in the electoral campaign of Andrei Sannikau. He had to escape the country in December 2010 after the crackdown on the protest against the rigged elections.

Police was looking for him for participating in the protest action on 19 December 2010: policemen searched the apartments of his mother and grandmother and confiscated the computer. It is notable that they keep looking for Maksim Sergiets in Belarus up until now: the last time policemen came to his house was in October 2012.

Currently Maksim Sergiets has received a political asylum in Poland.

In the federal wanted list we also found the name of the former presidential candidate Ales Michalevic, who also had to escape Belarus after the events of 2010.

The presence of Belarusian oppositionists in Russian federal wanted lists causes perplexity. Does it turn out that Russia is ready to extradite Belarusian democrats to the regime of Lukashenka?