20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:11

Lukashenka removes KGB head Zaitsau from post


(being updated) The reason for the ouster was “suicide of KGB lieutenant colonel Alyaksandr Kazak”.

Lukashenka announced his decision at a meeting to discuss activity of national security agencies.

The State Secretary of the Security Council, Leanid Maltsau, said after the meeting the Prosecutor General and the Investigation Committee Chairman had raised a number of questions, including ones relating to the State Security Committee (KGB).

“Everyone knows about the suicide of KGB colonel Alyaksandr Kazak. There are also some other issues requiring a thorough investigation,” Leanid Maltsau said.

“In this respect, the president took the decision to remove General Lieutenant Vadzim Zaitsau from his post of the State Security Committee head and put him into the reserve of the KGB head,” the Security Council State Secretary said.

“I was ordered to fulfil the duties of the KGB head. It doesn't mean Vadzim Zaitsau will not be able to get this post again after the investigation is over. If the investigation shows the competence of him and other officials, he will receive his position back. It was done to make the investigation as objective as possible,” Leanid Maltsau said. “The Prosecutor General was ordered to carry out the investigation. The Investigation Committee will be involved in this work too.”

It should be reminded that the website charter97.org was the first to report about the strange death of KGB lieutenant colonel Alyaksandr Kazak. A source says it is possible that the KGB officer was killed.