21 January 2019, Monday, 13:43
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Haidukou's mother: “Andrei writes he had fifty-fifty chance”


The mother of Andrei Haidukou from Navapolatsk, who is suspected of spying, received the second letter from her son.

”The situation with correspondence has improved since Andrei was transferred to Vitebsk. It is his second letter,” Volha Haidukova, the mother of the arrested activist, told Salidarnast. “Andrei is all right and tries to cheer us up.”

”The postmark is dated December 3. The letter was delivered quickly,” the woman says. “He writes we don't need to worry. In jail, he dreams about his future. He asks about his exams and asks to pay his loan, because he cannot do it himself. He asks to send him food – sausages, salo, sweets and also newspapers.”

Volha Haidukova hasn't seen her son so far.

“The lawyer meets with Andrei. He cannot say details of the investigation, you understand it,” Andrei's mother complains. “He writes he has a fifty-fifty chance of being released.”