22 January 2018, Monday, 9:03

They forbid Alienevich to wear warm clothes in prison

Despite the frosts political prisoners are forbidden to wear a sweater.

Igar Alienevich’s mother Valiantsina Alienevich said about that on her Facebook account. Her son told her that in a letter from prison.

“Do not worry about my health. I believe, that a woolen belt for a night is always good in winter. But sweaters are forbidden. It is believed that T-shirts, overalls and quitted jackets are enough for a person when it is cold. In prisons, by the way, they are also forbidden, but I had three sweaters in the KGB jail. I would have 100% frozen to death without them there”, - Igar Alienevich says in the letter.

An activist of the anarchist movement Igar Alienevich is serving 8 years of imprisonment in the Navapolatsk colony for alleged attacks at official buildings in Minsk.