23 January 2018, Tuesday, 19:18

Hilary Clinton: Repressions and intimidation continues in Belarus

The government in Belarus continues to regularly violate human rights.

It was stated by the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton when making a speech at a session of the foreign ministers of the OSCE countries in Dublin on 6 December, RIA Novosti reports.

“The government in Belarus continues to regularly violate human rights, holds political prisoners, intimidates journalists”, - the Secretary of State said.

She also voiced a concern with the position of the opposition in Ukraine. “The October elections in Ukraine became a rollback for democracy. We are deeply concerned with the selective prosecution of the opposition leaders”, - Clinton said.

The day before Clinton had a meeting with Russian human rights activists, where she expressed a caution of new attempts to resovetisize a significant part of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

“The attempts are observed of resovetisizing the region”, - Hilary Clinton stated when talking about the territory of the former Soviet Union, the Voice of America reports.

“This would not be called in exactly that way, - she continued. – This will be called as a Customs Union or a Eurasian Union or something of the kind. However let’s not get mislead. We know what the purpose of these efforts is and we are trying to find effective measures in order to slow down or stop this process”.