23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:27

Dictator adopts “serfdom decree”


The dictator has signed decree No. 9 “On additional measures to develop the wood processing industry”.

The document was adopted to “boost effectiveness of the state support measures in implementation of investment projects to develop the wood processing industry, strengthen work discipline and encourage employees financially”.

The decree provides for signing employment contracts with employees of the wood processing enterprises that receive state aid for modernisation, technical reequipment and reconstruction of production operations in accordance with Lukashenka's ruling No. 529 of October 18, 2007, “On some measures to develop the wood processing industry”.

Early termination of employment contracts in the period of implementation of investment projects on the initiative of an employee is possible only with the consent of the employer. An employer may apply to the head of the Minsk region or Minsk city executive committee to appeal against the refusal of the employer to terminate the agreement.

The decree obliges to pay monthly bonuses (their amount is set by enterprises in accordance with their financial abilities) to personnel of wood processing enterprises in addition to the salary set up by employment agreements.

If an employee violates his or her employment duties and gets fired, the amount of monthly bonuses is be returned for the whole period of work.

If not returned, the bonuses will be recovered by court and deducted from former employee's salary at his or her new job. Unemployed persons must return to their previous work. The amount of bonuses will be held back from their salaries.

The decree proposes the same regime for employees of main contractors and engineering organisations participating in investment projects on technical reequipment, modernisation and reconstruction of production operations of wood processing enterprises.

The decree provides for administrative responsibility for a contractor (a subcontractor and an engineering organisation) for failing to comply with the time of performance of investment projects in the form of a fine from 10 to 100 basic units or a fine from 50 to 500 basic units for a legal entity.

It should be reminded that Lukashenka said last Friday during his visit to Borisdrev factory that employees of wood processing enterprises in the process of modernisation would be banned from  quitting.

“Prepare the decree: employees cannot quit unless modernisation and reconstruction of the enterprises are completed. An employee cannot resign without the consent of the employer,” Lukashenka said.

The dictator threatened to send workers to compulsory work in case of arbitrary dismissals.