10 August 2022, Wednesday, 10:51
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Kolya Lukashenka constantly wears handgun (Photo)

Kolya Lukashenka constantly wears handgun (Photo)

It was discovered by Venezuelan bloggers, who zoomed in the photos of the meeting of Hugo Chavez and two Lukashenkas.

As charter97.org reported, Belarusian dictator's little son received a golden handgun as a gift from Russian president Dmitry Medvedev some years ago. We can see today that Lukashenka's offspring always carries his gun in a belt holster.

It's out of the question how normal it is for a seven-year-old boy to have a combat weapon. Lukashenka has always been taking his son to Council of Ministers meetings, military training exercises  and foreign trips. The child is being controlled through an earpiece.

Photos by elbrollo.com