18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:42

Anton Suryapin finally received the first parcel


Elena Suryapina finally accepted the parcel to her son.

The parcel has been brought by his mother today, on July 20. She has arrived in Minsk from Slutsk.

The BAJ press service has informed about it. Let us remind you that the two previous attempts to send food and clothes to Anton were not successful. KGB said that Tuesday was "a blackout day". Anton's friends were told on Wednesday that parcels would be accepted only from close relatives.

20-year-old Anton Surapin was detained on the morning of July 13. He is accused of assisting in a case of illegal crossing of the border committed by an organized group. The reason for his detention were pictures of "the teddy bear landing" the guy published on his website.

Anton's 10-day term of detention will be over on Monday. He will either be charged or released.