19 January 2018, Friday, 10:22

Pavel Levashevich: Got fed up… I wanted to burn the chairman and myself down

89-year old pensioner told why he decided to set the chairman of the council of the settlement on fire.

The pensioner from Agarodniki village, Bereza district of Brest region, former German camp prisoner, tells that he wanted to do that because the chairman refused to send him to a retirement house or assign a social worker to him, Radio Svaboda reports.

When the chairman did not satisfy the appeal, the pensioner took some petrol, which he poured on himself and the chairman. However, he did not manage to proceed with the plan. The chairman called a district policeman which composed a protocol against Pavel Levashevich.

“I went to pour 200 grams of petrol and went there… I wanted to burn him and myself. I am blind and deaf. They will give me neither a social worker, nor will they take me to a retirement house. What kind of life is that? I do not want to live like that”, - the pensioner says.

The court in Bereza sentenced the pensioner to a 3-million fine. The prosecutor demanded to punush him with a fine of five million, but according to Pavel Levashevich the judge “must have felt sorry”.

He is not sure whether he will be able to pay the fine since he is afraid he may not live long enough.

It is hard for the old man to manage the household and his son hardly helps him since he drinks. The pensioner wanted to go to a retirement house because it is hard for him to live on his own, he would want “to have a company of his peers”.

Pavel Levashevich expresses the opinion that the chairman of the settlement’s council refused to satisfy his appeal because the pensioner criticized him in the past.

We would remind that the incident happened on 19 October last year in Bereza district.

Pavel Levashevich poured petrol on the chairman of the settlement’s council and attempted to set him on fire.

According to the deputy head of Bereza district’s Investigatory Committee Siargei Pashkevich, it happened on 19 September in the morning in the office of the settlement council’s chairman. He poured the fuel on the chairman of the local council and tried to set him on fire with matches.

The chairman managed to grasp the matches and called police.

In the course of the inspection it was found that the 89-year old man appealed to the settlement’s council asking to provide him with social services’ home care.