20 April 2019, Saturday, 6:15
For our and your freedom!

Naidzienka has headed the security service of the Development Bank


A former deputy head of Minsk city’s police department, who participated in opposition protests dispersals, found a new job.

It became known yesterday. Journalists noticed Aliaksandr Naidzienka at a press-conference on the activities of the bank, naviny.by reports.

We would remind that on 29 May last year the police major general was freed from the position of the head of the department of internal affairs of Vitebsk region’s executive committee.

Before the appointment in Vitebsk Naidzienka was the deputy head of Minsk city’s police department, the head of the sub-department for public security and order. He personally commanded dispersals of the actions of opposition.

It was exactly under the command of Naidzienka, that the protest camp in October square was eliminated, which had been there for three days in spring 2006. And again it was him in charge, when the procession headed by Aliaksandr Kazulin was dispersed on 25 March 2006.