19 January 2018, Friday, 12:08

Hrodna resident wants to pass Ig Nobel Prize to Lukashenka


Kanstantsin Kaplin thinks it's his duty to hand over 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars to the Belarusian ruler.

The Hrodna resident, an involuntary participant of the incident that caused the decision of Harvard University, is sure that Lukashenka deserves more awards for idiocy. Kanstantsin Kaplin was arrested for clapping his hands during the silent protests in 2011. Policemen didn't notice that Kaplin is an one-armed man with a prosthesis.

Kanstantin Kaplin said in an interview with charter97.org that Lukashenka's latest press conference left no doubts that the decision of scientists from Harvard University was right.

“You just need to recall his 6-hour 'inspiring' and empty speeches in front of Russian journalists. He repeats psychopathically what he has been saying for the last 20 years,” Kanstantsin Kaplin says. “At first I was shocked to hear that Lukashenka was given the Ig Nobel Prize. I even felt sorry for him a little. Obama was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, Putin was named Person of the Year, while Lukashenka received the Ig Nobel Prize. But I understood after his press conference that he deserved it.”

The Hronda resident is not completely sure who is responsible for Lukashenka's silly conduct – the ruler himself or his speechwriters. Kanstantsin Kaplin has no doubts that the dictator tries to get another award.

“He proves it by his conduct. Or his speechwriters. He repeats his blunders in every speech,” he said.