21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:18

Andrius Kubilius: Lithuania firmly puts the question of political prisoners

The meeting of a delegation of the party Homeland Union and representatives of political parties of Belarus took place at the embassy of Lithuania in Minsk.

Former Lithuanian Prime-Minister Andrius Kubilius and his colleagues supported the initiative of the adoption of European Declaration and holding parliament hearings in Lithuania on the issue of political prisoners and the kidnapped, the press-service of the United Civic Party reports.

Representatives of the United Civic Party, BChD’s organizational committee, BSDP Narodnaja Hramada, the Movement for Freedom and Tell the Truth civic campaign took part in the meeting.

The questions of mutual interest were discussed. First of all it was the meaning of the upcoming Conference of the Eastern Partnership countries in Vilnius for the future of the former USSR counties and Belarus first of all.

The party’s head, a former Prime-Minster of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius and his colleagues – former Foreign Minister Audronis Azhubalis and Mantas Adomenas (both parliament memebers) supported the initiative of adopting a European Declaration, which would clearly and unambiguously express European aspirations of the people of Belarus, and holding parliament hearings in Lithuania on the issue of political prisoners and the kidnapped.

“We firmly demand of the Belarusian authorities to release and exonerate political prisoners and hold free and fair elections”, - Andrius Kubilius emphasized.

“We set the goal to agree on the text of the European Declaration within a week, - UCP’s deputy chairman Leu Marholin added. – As well as to decide with the help of our guests on the possible date for the hearings in Lithuanian parliament. It is very important that not only the issue of political prisoners was raised, but of the kidnapped opponents of the authorities”.