29 February 2020, Saturday, 4:09
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Lukashenka: My eldest son controls OAC

Lukashenka: My eldest son controls OAC

He is a reliable person who doesn't create problems for anyone, the Belarusian dictator says.

“I hear rebukes that my eldest son wants to become a president. This is closer to the truth,” the ruler said to Izvestia v Ukraine newspaper.

He said he didn't want his son to take up the post.

”You asked the right question whether I want my son to be a president. No, I don't want this. You cannot imagine what presidency means for my family. I want my children to live quietly. I don't want people to throw stones at us.

No one rebukes me that I want my children to become presidents. Of course, I cannot deprive them of this right, but my eldest son says he has enough of my presidency.

My eldest son works as my aide. He is a reliable person. He doesn't make problems for anyone. He is an additional source of information for me,” the dictator said.

Lukashenka said his son controlled the Belarusian law-enforcement agencies.

“In Russia or Ukraine, who controls the law-enforcement bodies? President? How? He already has enough problems without it. In Belarus, we have created a small operative and analytical centre of less than 100 people. It is controlled by my eldest son. Under law, top officers of the security services are subordinate to him. The son supports the father, a prosecutor understands that he is under control and judges understand they are under control. If the head doesn't rot, the tail will move. But I have never said to my son that I will resign and he will stay,” the Belarusian ruler said.

The dictator said with regret he wouldn't see the time when his youngest extramarital son Kolia would express a similar desire.

“I hear rebukes that Mikalai is my successor. But he needs 30 more years to try to become a president. I won't live to see it,” Lukashenka said.