20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:20

Belarusian language courses open in Tokyo


Organizer of Belarusian Talking Shop Tatstsyana Tsahelnik is studying for a Master’s degree in Japanese studies in the Netherlands.

She will study in Tokyo for one year. She gives Belarusian classes once a week.

The idea came to her mind after her first visit to Japan a few years ago, she told Belsat. She was inspired by the success of Belarusian courses “Language or Coffee” in Moscow and Minsk.

A few hundred Belarusians officially live in Japan now but they do not contact each other. No wonder that the majority of students are Japanese who have already learnt Russian or Polish.

Tatstsyana Tsahelnik hopes that Sayori Kiyasawa, a girl who studied Belarusian for 11 months in Minsk, will seize her initiative.