17 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:20

Aliyev accused of financing Lukashenka

The accusations could be heard during the televised debate among Azerbaijani presidential candidates.

Ilham Aliyev didn't participate in the debate that mostly consisted of attacks of presidential candidates on Jamil Hasanli, the representative of the National Council of Democratic Forces, and other opposition leaders, contact.az reports. The main rival of the Azwerbaijani president, however, presented his claims to the authorities.

Jamil Hasanli called Ilham Aliyev “the country's main corrupted official” and emphasised that the authorities didn't fight against abuse of power by officials. He mentioned enslaving terms of bank loans that often led people, who were unable to pay, to suicides.

Jamil Hasanli accused the country's authorities of granting cheap loans to the Belarusian dictator. He said the government of Azerbaijan gave Lukashenka a new loan with an interest rate of 1%.

It's not the first time when Ilham Aliyev has given loans to the Belarusian ruler. In summer 2010, the president of Azerbaijan granted Lukashenka an interest-free loan of 200 million dollars so that Belarus could pay Russia for gas.

Jamil Hasanli said he would grant a”golden amnesty” to political prisoners and all innocent convicts. He promised to return the expropriated property to citizens.

The opposition candidate held a rally in Baku yesterday. Organisers say about 10,000 people came, while the police report about 1,500 people, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service informs. Participants chanted "Ilham, resign" and "Ilham, enough”.

Jamil Hasanli is the main rival of the current president in the election scheduled for October 9. He accuses Aliyev of corruption and misuse of state funds.

Film director Rustam Ibragimbekov was initially picked as the single opposition candidate, but he was not registered. Hasanli is supported by the National Council of Democratic Forces that unites most opposition parties and groups of Azerbaijan.

Photo: tert.am