23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:11

“It’s shame on our state” (Video)

In 25 years the authorities have not fulfilled any paragraph of their decision to commemorate the victims of repressions.

On 18 January 25 turned since the day of the issue of BSSR Council of Minister’s resolution number 42 “On commemorating the victims of mass repressions of 1937-1941 in Kurapaty woodland”.

On the eve of the anniversary representatives of the public initiative “For saving the Kurapaty memorial” and Minsk department of the international association “Memorial” held a briefing on the anniversary of the document, from which not a single paragraph saw implementation.

“This is the only regulatory enactment of the governmental level, which was adopted with the purpose of commemorating the victims of repressions, - the head of Minsk “Memorial” department, historian Ihar Kuzniacou reminded in an interview to BelaPAN. – It provided for announcing a project contest, creation of a memorial, the National Science Academy was tasked with researching the issues on the history of the repressions, and the Belarusian Encyclopedia publishing house was tasked with preparing a book on this period. That is why today’s meeting is a evidence of the shame of our state, which never implemented a single thing of its own decision in 25 years”.

In Kuzniacou’s opinion, there are not objective reasons for such treatment of the memory of the victims of terror by the authorities. There are, though, subjective reasons. These are historical parallels – Soviet authorities’ repressive politics and the continuation of repressions in modern Belarus. This means that the model of Belarusian ideology is a copy of the Soviet model, diluted with information intended to make it more attractive, the historian believes.

“But this is the country’s history, - Kuzniacou continues. – And today’s leadership of the country is not immediately responsible for what took place then. But it is directly responsible for not following its resolution, for concealing the truth about the repressions”.

According to the head of Minsk “Memorial” office, the situation is not ruled out that all the violations on Kurapaty’s protected areas will be put in accordance with the current legislation and the areas will be in the zone of regulated construction, not protected.

Kuzniacou expressed hope that in connection with the appointment of a new Patriarch Exarch of Belarus metropolitan Pavel, who previously made open anti-Stalin statements, “the Orthodox Church will turn its face to the problem and give an example to the state”.